Chairman's Report 2013

Letchworth Garden City Angling Association was formed over 60 years ago, and its longevity is solely down to the commitment of several ever changing teams of dedicated individuals that have freely invested their time and effort taking the club forward year on year. With our Poppy Hill lakes complex we have one of the best, if not the best, open membership club water in the region. The Directors, General Purpose Committee (GPC), Fisheries Management Committee (FMC), the Bailiffs and a handful of volunteers that attend our work parties continue to make Poppy Hill what it is today. If you’re interested in putting something back into the club, try volunteering a few hours of your time a couple of days a year. If more members were willing to do this, the Poppy Hill complex could be even better and you could find there’s more to joining the club than just turning up and fishing, who knows, bailiff, FMC team member, GPC member? We all had to start somewhere. If you are genuinely interested, contact details of the appropriate people are printed in the club book, or chat to any of the club officials when you meet them on the bank. If you don’t know where to start, my suggestion would be to contact Len Leroux or Jason Byrne in the first instance. A big thank you to Len, his team and to all of you who volunteered your time during the past season.

I’m sure Len Leroux, our Fisheries Manager, will expand on the past years significant FMC events, new waters and the appearance of our new wind turbine in his following report.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we still have the Public Bridleway running through the middle of the First Lake but as I reported last year, significant steps have been taken to address the problem and I sincerely believe we could have a resolution agreed later this year. We are still working hard to obtain the best deal for the angling club and the anglers, keeping Poppy Hill as safe and secure as possible whilst maintaining exclusive bankside access to the lakes for association members only.

At present we do not seem to be experiencing any trespass by members of the public attempting to walk or gain access to the bridleway currently shown on our property. But please remember if you are a senior member of the association and suspect non-members to be roaming around or trespassing on our property, please show your current membership book and politely request to see theirs. If they cannot produce a current membership book , or a perfectly good reason for being on our property, then you can legitimately request they leave or if you feel appropriate escort them off the property. Please avoid conflict of any kind and always report such incidents to a bailiff, committee member or officer of the club.

Once again it’s time to thank all of the GPC members, FMC committee and work party volunteers for their hard work and support over the last year. I would also like to thank the bailiffs who have a very difficult job of enforcing the rules and regulations of the club and who give up their fishing and leisure time to protect the fish and the anglers and help preserve the fisheries we all enjoy so much.

I hope you enjoy your association waters, good luck and tight lines.

Paul Dalrymple

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