Chairman's Report 2010

Malcolm TheakstoneWelcome to another year with LGCAA
This is my final report as Chairman of your association. I am stepping down as your Chairman after 20 years in the job and 40 years as a member of the General Purposes Committee.

The Time has come to hand over the reins to others to oversee the running of our club. LGCAA has been a part of my life since 1970, the year I married the long suffering Simone who has endured the phone calls, endless meetings and visitors with the occasional moan!

I have enjoyed my time on the various committees (otherwise I would not have stayed so long) met some extraordinary people with some extraordinary ideas for our club. In fairness though, they were prepared to put something back into their sport, which is something most of you are not prepared to do. I suppose that is my biggest gripe of those 40 years, so many club members not interested in supporting their own clubs, and will move from club to club for their own benefit.

Fishing on rivers is practically non existent due to predators on the bank and in the air and the lack of investment by the Environment Agency whose funding is very little compared to the money taken in licence fees by the Government. You the angler can help to reverse the situation by joining the Angling Trust as an individual member and invest in the future of angling in this country. It is a sad fact that more anglers are members of the RSPB than they are the Angling Trust.

Enough of my gripes! I have had a great time over the years. From organising association dance/discos in the 70's and 80's to exchange visits with Ilvesheim Angling Club in Germany.

Most of my time along with others has been spent improving the Poppy Hill fishery. Since purchasing the complex in 1978, there have been many projects undertaken. Major projects have included draining Lake 1 (twice), removing over 1000 trees on the complex before draining down Lake 2. Constructing the Canal and extending the stock ponds to create the Jubilee lake.

Poppy Hill has changed greatly from the first time I joined, when the car park could hold just 6 cars between all the trees. Two lakes that were fringed by reeds to such an extent that fishing was done in a series of pools that were inhabited by giant Tech and Rudd. I am proud of what we have achieved, in my opinion Poppy Hill is one of the finest mixed fisheries around. There are always more ways to improve the fishery and we are continually working on the site to make sure you have the best fishing in the area and to fish in beautiful surroundings.

Please give Len our Fisheries Manager and the others on the Fishery Management Team your support, we need you to help us, 30 acres of land and water take a lot of looking after.

Finally I must thank those members throughout the years who have joined the GPC and FMC and have put something back into their sport. Lastly, thanks to all of you who have joined our club over the years. After all without you there would be no club.

Malcolm Theakstome - Chairman

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