Fisheries Report 2012

Len LerouxI seem to say it every year, "It's that time again", it seems to come round a lot quicker the older I get so here we go.

As usual thanks to all the people who attended the work parties last closed season. Thanks to the FMC guys for their invaluable help through the season. Last season was a difficult one from a management point with the Bridleway rearing its ugly head. As the chairman has said the lakes have produced some notable catches and not just Poppy hill for those who ventured further afield their results were very encouraging.

There will be some changes to the car park this year and I ask all members to make sure that they lock all gates when entering and leaving that lakes. Another small gripe is the lack of members using the Dip tanks, they are there to protect our fish stocks so please use them. The chemical that is in them is a broad spectrum disinfectant which is harmless to humans, if you get into the habit of dipping your nets, weigh slings etc. then it will become just that, a habit.

We are for the first year keeping Poppy Hill open during the work party season hopefully if we don't get any problems this will continue.

The second lake has produced fish well this year with catches being dominated by Carp and Bream. The floating weed seems to have abated; we think that the 3 tonnes of Siltex that we put in last year may have helped but we will keep an eye on it, unfortunately it has now got on the first lake but as usual we will do our utmost to remove the problem. The Canal has fished reasonably well but a bit patchy and for this reason we are going to (end of March) add a small amount of fish to the lake to replace some of the fish that died under the ice the season before last.

As some of you may know we emptied the jubilee lake during the last years work parties, the stock of fish we found was disappointing to say the least, we are still looking into what we should do, we have had reports from members fishing the lake who have been catching small Bream and Roach so hopefully with a little help it will improve as time goes by.

Lake 3 has once again fish reasonably well for a few members, there has been some good catches of carp and as per usual the rumours of massive Bream still abound. It would be nice to see some of them.

Anyway once again thank you to all those who have helped this year.

Len Leroux

Fisheries manager

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