Chairman's Report 2012

Paul DalrympleWelcome to all members existing and new alike, we hope you enjoy your time in our club and remain members for the foreseeable future.

Last season turned out to be another excellent year for many of our members; there have been notable catches from most of our venues.

There have been carp in excess of thirty pounds from the Green and Blue Lagoons at Arlesey and Lake 2 and Lake 3 at the poppy Hill complex, there's also been a forty pound plus carp from Lake 3 at Poppy Hill. There are very few unrestricted angling clubs that can offer 4 different waters that give a genuine opportunity to catch exceptional fish of this size or quality, LGCAA is almost certainly the only angling club in the region that has this quality in depth. However, we are not a Carp Syndicate, several other species of fish have also hit the headlines again this year, double figured Bream and Tench from our lakes, large chub from our rivers, and a string of very large perch eclipsed by a new club record fish of 3lb 9.5oz caught by Steve Mayes from our stretch of the river Ouse at Felmersham. Well done Steve. I'm sure he'll be looking over his shoulder this coming season as the size of this particular species seems to be improving year on year, on all of our waters, rivers and lakes alike. If your target is to catch a club record fish then Perch would offer you every chance of getting your name in the clubs record fish list.

The fabulous fishing environment members enjoy at poppy Hill is the direct result of a considerable effort of a very hard working and committed Fisheries Management Team (FMC) and the greatly appreciated efforts of a few of our members that turn up throughout the months of April and May and offer some of their precious free time to assist with all manner of items associated with the maintenance and repair of the fishery in particular, and the property as a whole. I must, once again, stress how important it is that we get the kind offer of a free workforce from some of our members willing to put something back into the club at a level that ultimately benefits every member. Whether you're an existing member renewing for another year, or a new member joining the Association for the first time, your involvement would be both welcomed and appreciated. Work parties take place every Sunday during April and May and it would be nice to see a few new faces, you don't have to pre book, just turn up on a Sunday morning and you will be given a team job well within your capabilities and skill sets. Give it a go, you never know, you might even enjoy the experience! Well done FMC members and a big thank you to all of the volunteers.

The other big contributors to the ambience, security and smooth running of the site at Poppy Hill are the bailiffs. They have a hard job to do, often giving up their own fishing time to help with the enforcement of the club rules and the often difficult task of reprimanding or warning members of infringement or total disregard of established club rules. It's not an easy job, they do it for the better enjoyment of all and although some members may see them as a nuisance I can assure you the fishery at Poppy Hill would not be the fishery most members enjoy so much that they come back year after year. The rules are there to protect the fishery, the fish and the members and the bailiffs are there to enforce these rules. Please give them your support they are an essential part of the Association. On behalf of the LGCAA and the members "Thank you Bailiffs".

The saga of the bridleway running over our property and through Lake 1 continues to drag on. We as a club are spending a lot of time, effort and hard earned club funds to try and protect our position from the unfair, biased legislation that not only exists in law but seems to be stacked against us at every turn. The County Council (CBC), supported by the Henlow Parish Council (HPC) seems determined to force some form of pedestrian Right of Way over our land. We continue to take the best legal advice available to us and are constantly looking for different ways to resist the imposition or at least restrict any impact the intended route may have on the fishing rights currently enjoyed by our members at Poppy Hill. I'm fairly confident that I will be informing you of the final outcome of this protracted conflict in next seasons Chairman's Report as it's likely that some form of Public Hearing or Public inquiry will be instigated within the next twelve months.

Good Luck and Tight Lines for this forthcoming season.

Paul Dalrymple

Chairman LGCAA

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