Chairman's Report 2007

Malcolm TheakstoneDear members and new members alike.
Welcome to another season with our association, I hope you will have a successful season and that you enjoy your fishing on our venues.
Our No 1 fishery is Poppy Hill and is a venue we take great pride in making the site one of the nicest places to fish. Obviously this doesn't just happen and volunteers have worked 100's of hours during the year to make Poppy Hill the beautiful place it is and to enhance the surroundings. Besides those volunteers there are the members of the Fisheries Management team, on the fisheries side of the association to Len Leroux who will explain what happened last year and what will be going on this year. Please give Len your support; we can't do all we want with just a few willing workers. 30 acres of land and water takes a lot of looking after, so give it a shot, you'll find the work parties worthwhile and enjoyable.

There are several proposed personnel changes on the management of LGCAA this season, all of which I hope will be ratified at the AGM on 19th April 2007. Mike Clarke our Fisheries Manager will be taking over the job as Match Secretary. Len Leroux will take over as Fisheries Manager; Len has years of experience on the fishery side with us. Thanks Mike for all your work and welcome Len to a job that takes many hours of physical work and requires the same amount of time on the computer and phone to make things happen. Another change is that of Minute Secretary, Ron Eade, our Minute Secretary for 9 years has stepped down to be replaced by Ken Kendall. Thanks Ron for a good job done, it's not the easiest job around and you did well, thanks also go to your wife Vera for all that typing!

If Jim Cox thought he was going to get a break after his stint as Fisheries Manager he was wrong! We are now appointing him as our Administrator and Vice Chairman. Nigel White is now our Health and Safety Officer. These two posts are very important to us as a company and the litigious world in which we live. There may be other changes in the near future as LGCAA move into the electronic age of interactive communications.

The bridleway saga continues into its 10th year of negotiations, consultations and meetings. In fact my 1st correspondence concerning this Bridleway with Beds CC was in 1991, some 16 years ago! We have applied for our 4th Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) and once again we hope that Beds CC will look favourably to our application, which will no doubt end up with another public inquiry. With new evidence to support our application we believe that Her Majesty's Inspector cannot fail to see that the Bridleway should be deleted.

If anyone wants to see what Public Inquiry evidence is all about, I have 8 box files full of the paperwork involved as well as 100's of emails. Paul our secretary has the same, perhaps even more!

This season we are holding a charity event in aid of two local charities: The Garden House Hospice and Keech Cottage (for terminally ill children) please support this event in any way you can. All details will be posted on the notice board at Poppy Hill or you can contact Mike Clarke.

Finally I must thank the members of the General Purposes Committee and the Fisheries Management Committee for all their hard work throughout the year, to Ken Kendall for taking over as Match Secretary at short notice, to Jason Byrne for a fantastic website where you get much more information on the association and of course to John Dalrymple and his team of bailiff's who make sure that our rules are complied with as well as looking after our waters on a daily basis.

Malcolm Theakstone - Chairman

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