Chairman's Report 2008

Malcolm TheakstoneWelcome to a new season with our Association. I hope you will have a successful season and that you enjoy fishing on our venues.
Poppy Hill is our flagship venue and is one we take great pride in making the site one of the nicest places to fish.

Every year we rely on volunteers to help us maintain and improve the site. Those helpers have worked 100's of hours during the year to make Poppy Hill the beautiful place it is and to enhance the surroundings. As well as those volunteers there are the members of the Fisheries Management Team, who can be relied upon to be on site whenever the need arises. I will leave the report on the fisheries side of the Association to Len Leroux our Fisheries Manager who will explain what happened last year and what will be going on this year. Please give Len your support we can't do all we want to achieve on the site without the willing workers who turn up. 30 acres of land and water takes a lot of looking after, so give it a shot, you'll find the work-parties worthwhile and enjoyable. Tea, Coffee and Bacon Sarnies are supplied.

2 new club records have been submitted and some exceptional fish were caught last season. An Eel of 5lb 6oz from the Green Lagoon by Chris Harrison and a 3lb 2oz Perch taken from the Canal at Poppy Hill by Kevin Humprys. Other notable fish include a 33lb Common from the 2nd Lake by Micheal Lack, a 26lb 8oz Mirror from the 3rd Lake by Ian Harvey (this fish has been caught several times, the first being in 1989 when it weighed 12lb). An 8lb Tench from the 1st Lake and a 5lb 2oz Chub from the River Ivel at Poppy Hill. The 1st Lake also produced a Pike of 23lb, so there are plenty of big fish waiting for you!
For the Match fisherman, weights from Poppy Hill were far better than previous years with double figure weights needed to win most matches. Best winning weight was 35lb 14oz of Bream taken from the 1st Lake by Dennis Holiday who also had an all Chub catch of the same weight form the River Ivel at Poppy Hill.

The changes on the management of LGCAA have been a smooth transition and the new members are to be congratulated on their enthusiasm.

The bridleway saga continues into it's 11th year of negotiations, consultations and meetings. You may have seen a notice pinned to a post along our track at Poppy Hill which informs the public that a public footpath along the track has been applied for and recommended by the Secretary of State. LGCAA have lodge an objection and will try to ascertain the validity of adding a footpath to an existing bridleway. The complications in law have been made worse by a judgement in the House Of Lords last year (known as the Godmanchester decision) and has made the DMMO application infinitely more difficult.

Last season we held a charity event in aid of two local charities: The Garden House Hospice and Keech Cottage (for terminally ill children) and I am pleased to report that we raised £1300 which we divided equally between the two charities. I would like to thank Nigel White and Mike Clarke for organising the event and of course all those who participated.

Finally I must thank the members of the General Purpose Committee and the Fisheries Management Committee for all their hard work throughout the year. To Jason Byrne for a fantastic website where you can get much more information on our Association and John Dalrymple and his team of Bailiff's who make sure that our rules are complied with as well as looking after our waters on a daily basis.

Malcom Theakstone - Chairman

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