Chairman's Report 2016

Dear Member,

Welcome to a new season with our association. I hope you have a successful season and enjoy both the fishing and the excellent surroundings that many of our waters provide.

As I've mentioned in previous reports, angling is in decline not just locally but nationwide. Over the past decade membership numbers have been gradually diminishing for most angling clubs around the UK. That said, there have been some growth areas with many commercial fisheries enjoying the rewards of big incomes for offering almost guaranteed catch success for virtually every angler on every visit to their venues. I also know that many of the “Big Fish” syndicates are running at full capacity with waiting lists of potential member’s eager to join should spaces become available. However, the general trend for open membership angling clubs has been in a downward spiral with member numbers declining. In recent years LGCAA has experienced this first hand, but I’m pleased to say that, although our numbers were dropping year on year, the last couple of seasons our have seen our numbers consolidate hovering just above the 300 mark. What we have noticed though is the low numbers of junior anglers joining the association. This is a worrying indication of where we might end up in a few years’ time if no new blood is coming through the ranks. If there are youngsters taking up the sport, they are probably drawn by the almost certain success of commercial venues. My message to everyone is that if you ever have the opportunity to introduce any youngsters to the wonderful pastime of fishing, particularly those under 16, take them under your wing and get a rod in their hands. Even if it’s not a LGCAA venue. We really do need to see more juniors in our association and we should all do what we can to encourage them.

Although we cant offer the drive up comfort and guaranteed catch rate of commercials, or the opportunity of a record breaking Carp or Tench that may occupy some unattainable syndicate water, we do probably have the best mixed coarse fishery in the region at our Poppy Hill complex. Catch rates and stockings are addressed in the following fisheries managers report, but remember that we have several other very good fisheries for you to try, not just the lakes but also rivers, canals and even small streams that can produce the odd surprise. Some of our waters are under fished, so if you get a chance give them a go, you could be missing out on some very productive waters. Maps to all association waters are printed in the club book and details of all Ivel Protecttion Association waters, open to LGCAA members, are listed on their website.

I’m pleased to report that once again we appear to have avoided any serious or repetitive trespass from members of the public using the public footpath running adjacent to the southern bank of the first lake. Diligence is still required and should any adult member encounter suspected non-members on any part of our property, please insist they leave the property and if possible try and involve one other angler before making an approach or challenge. Report all incidents to a bailiff or committee member giving details of time date and location.

Finally I would like to thank all the volunteers that have contributed to work parties during the past year. It’s a shame more members don’t seem prepared to put something back into their club by donating their time and effort. Particular mention should go to the members of the GPC for all their help in running the club, The Fisheries Management team for their effort and hard work maintaining our fisheries and the bailiffs who give up their time to enforce the rules of the club, protect the fish stocks and preserve the fisheries for you.

I hope you enjoy the forthcoming season. Good luck and tight lines to all.

Paul Dalrymple



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