Fisheries Report 2009

Len LerouxIt doesn't seem like a year since I sat in front of a blank screen again trying to write the FMC article without ranting and raving about the lack of support from the majority of the membership, but that's par for the course. So this year, firstly a BIG thank you to all the members who did attend the work parties, either to clear weed or tree cutting, and a big thank you to all the members of the FMC committee for all their help.This year we have spent a record amount of money, somewhere in excess of £20,000. We have continued in our program of stocking the second lake with Carp and Bream. We have to date stocked 212 Simmo carp to 4lb 4oz (last year). This year we decided to change the strain of fish and sought the fish from a different source, we stocked a strain of fish that unlike the Simmo's (short and stumpy) are long old English type fish that ranged from 4" to 9lb. From the 1155 Carp in this stocking 45 were between 4lb 8oz and 9lb. 1000 6" to 8" Bream were also introduced with possibly more to come.

We have been lucky this year in that we have had the worst winter for 13 years, with the lakes freezing solid for a full 2 weeks; this has killed a lot of the weed in Lake 2 that has been troubling us for the last couple of years. That said though I think that with the loss of the only aquatic weed killer permitted to use, we are going to have a lot of hard work to keep it free of weed. As some of you may have seen we have purchased a weed net and a weed cutter which we used this year with great success (the only downside is lake water in February and your neither regions, OUCH). We have also embarked on a plan of clearing trees around the river side of Lake 2. Again as I said last year we do not do things like this without a great deal of consultation, and yes I know a few of you think that we do it for the sheer fun of it, but I can assure you, you are wrong. There are three reasons that we are in the process of what looks like de-forestation but, firstly the trees are getting to the end of their life span, secondly the amount of leaf drop in the lake was becoming a big problem. For example the corner where the large willow has been removed has 4 feet of silt and rotting matter in the bottom and if you're unlucky enough to wander across it in a dry suit then hold your nose because the smell of methane is unbearable. Lastly we all know the water, unless it circulates becomes brackish if not stagnant. So as I have said, stick with us. When the felling and clearing is completed, we will replant with more manageable hedges and trees.

Lake 1 as always provides us with a great many headaches, from not fishing for a couple of weeks, to fishing its head off for a couple of days. This to me is not what the lake was designed for. We had a fish survey done and it showed a lack of small fish, i.e. Roach in the 4-6" class and Bream in the 4-6" class, so after consultation we decided we needed to purchase some fish. 6500 Roach and 3500 Bream to be exact were introduced in early to mid February.
The Canal has surprised us all this year because with the exception of a couple of weeks it has fished well all season, everything seems to have gained weight, even some of the oldies who fish it!

We have again embarked on a feeding program for the lakes, we are feeding all the lakes twice a week with sweetcorn, and this will progress later in the year to pellet and wheat. As you can imagine with all the fish we have introduced we need to supplement their food source for a while until anglers start feeding them during the season. So in general I think that we have improved our fishery since this time last year and we are going in the right direction. With your continued support we can go further in improving not only the fishing, but the surroundings too.

By the time most of you read this, we will be well into the work parties for this year's closed season. We're there every Sunday and Wednesday with the exception of April 15th from the end of March until the end of May. As I say every year, come along and join in helping us to improve your fishing and surroundings.

Just to let you know the Lagoons have fished well this year with many notable fish being caught. Again we plan to do some improvement works to the venues.
Anyway I hope you enjoy your fishing and look forward to talking to some of you.

Tight lines
Len Leroux – Fisheries Manager

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