Fisheries Report 2010

Len LerouxOnce again its that time of year. The time to sit in front of the computer and write my piece for the club book, and every year it gets harder.

So lets start... by now you have hopefully read the Chairmans report and you will be aware that after 40 years, yes thats right 40 years, he has decided to retire. From all members past and present, simply thank you Malcom and go and enjoy your fishing!

On a sader note, some of you may be aware that one of our founder members, Len Butcher, passed away during the closed season. Len would be found in the canteen making tea and bacon rolls for everybody attending the workparties every year without fail. Again thank you Len, you'll be missed by all.

As Fisheries Manger my job is made easier by the team of guys in the background. These are the guys that the majority of you will not know but go to make up the FMC. Thanks guys for all you efforts.

Last season as i am sure most of you will know we had a problem with a floating weed (floating crystal wort) on the second lake. During the season a group of members and the FMC guys cleared about 12-15 tonnes of it, and again I would like to thank those involved for all thier efforts, without your help we would not be able to complete the work. This year as with the previous couple, we have again spent a considerable amount of money on stocking Lake 1 and Lake 2, nearly £40,000. Yes a small minority of you will be unhappy with the fish we have bought for you, I have just one comment, we are not a Carp Syndicate, we are a general fishing club and are here to provide fishing for all not just the minority.

This year for the first year in association history we are keeping the lakes open during what is traditionally our closed season. I hope that all who use the lakes during this period enjoy yourselves, but please remember that you cannot fish on a Sunday between 07:30 and 16:00. This is to allow for the usuall workparties to take place, it would be nice to see a few new faces as well as the old ones!!

As with the last few years we have again been active in tree felling and pollarding. Again comments have been passed about deforestation, I can assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. We don not cut down trees just to keep ourselves busy over the winter. The trees that we have removed are a danger to the members, most are connected to stumps from felling years ago making them weak or in the case of the Poplars, diseased and infested with a moth larva that burrows into the trunk. We will be undertaking a planting program, cicumstances permitting, to replace some of the trees removed.

Thats about all I have to say this year apart from we now have a publicity officer (Ryan Billington) for want of a better word. Please look aout for him around the lakes and let him know of any notable catches you have made and you never know you could end up in the angling press. So thank you for taking the time to read this and if you want a chat when you see me, please do.

Cheers, Len leroux - Fisheries Manager

Oh there was one more last thing. You may remember last year some idiot moved a Pike into the Jubilee Lake, well we removed it! Unfortunatley the idiot has been back and have put another Pike and a low double Carp. If the idiot bother to read this, be warned! It is ilegal to move fish without the apropriate licences. You will be caught and I will make it my job to inform every club / syndicate in the area who you are.

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