Green Lagoon

The Green Lagoon started its life back in the 1850's by the Arlesey Brick and Lime Company. The pit was dug by hand and the chalk was transported down the hill by gravity on a small tramway to the brick works on Hitchin road. The pit was abandoned and allowed to flood around the turn of the century and work was moved to the Blue Lagoon. The Green is triangular in shape and about 3 acres in size. The northern end has a shear chalk cliff dropping away to a maximum depth of 30 feet and is the deepest side. The eastern side is the shallowest but still around 12 feet under the rod tip, the western side is between 14 and 16 feet under the rod tip. The middle is the deepest at 35 feet. The area is completely surrounded by trees, which offer shelter even in the most stormy of conditions. The water also holds its temperature, so the fish continue to feed during the winter and become increasingly active a lot sooner than on other waters as spring approaches. It’s quite amazing to stand at ‘Magic corner’ (where the east bank meets the west bank) and watch all the species congregate here in early spring to spawn. Oblivious to other species and drooling fishermen. There are Carp of all types in the Green Lagoon, Mirror, Common and Leather. Most of the Carp are in the upper teens but plenty of twenties are caught, best so far this season is a Leather of 25 lb. Pike to 30 lbs, Tench to 7 lbs, Bream to 8 lbs. Besides these, there is a large head of skimmers, Rudd and Roach, big Perch and the occasional Crusian carp. This lake has probably started more local lads into fishing than any other lake.
There seems to be no hotspot. Every swim has produced results and there is no need to fish far out. Most fish are caught under the rod tip on a variety of baits. 




From the A507 head straight thru the village of Arlesey heading towards Hitchin. The gate is just before the football club oposite the old cement works. Go through the gate and follow the track untill you come to a Y junction, bear left and continue to follow the track to the end.

Please make sure you lock the gate behind you


As of 1st June 2013 the Green Laggon becomes a members only water, we will no longer be offering day tickets or the need to purchase any additional subsidies to your club book. Anyone holding a current club book can now fish this venue. Bailiffs will regually be checking books, those not in possesion will be asked to leave the site.

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