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Membership to Letchworth Garden City Angling Association also includes affiliation to the Ivel Protection Association. The IPA is formed from 10 associated member angling clubs, LGCAA being one of them, and have secured fishing rights to over 6 miles of the river Ivel and some of its tributaries in various locations. More information on the IPA can be found here at their website.

IPA Map 11 - River Hiz at Arlesey
Downstream of the road bridge near the Old Station.

2 - Stotfold
Right hand bank downstream of Baldock Road and several sections around Stofold Green.

3 - Astwick
Left hand bank downstream from Astwick Bridge to 200 yards before the railway.

4 - Broom River
Left hand bank upstream of Holme Mill for approximtley 300 yards

5 - Holme Mill (Broom)
Left hand bank downstream  under the A1 and down to Biggleswade Recreation Ground

IPA Map 26 - Biggleswade Back Meadows
Park in the Dan Albone car park which is just over the bridge at the Biggleswade North roundabout on the A1. Fishing is the right hand bank upstream of bridge to Biggleswade Recreation Ground

7 - Biggleswade Common
Parking as above. Approx 4250 meters  right hand bank downstream from the bridge to just before the footbridge opposite Manor Farm.

8 - Willow Hay
IPA members can park at Manor Farm (£1 charge payable at the Tackle Barn) and walk down the track to the river. Fishing is on the west bank from behind Blunham Lake downstream for about 600 yards.

9 - Sandy New Road
Fishing is left hand bank upstream  from Sandy New Road Bridge past the private lakes on the left and up to the brook.

10 - Beeston
Fishing on the left hand bank downstream of Sandy New Road Bridge to the weir and the approximatley 300 yards of the 'Dead River' to a fenced row of trees.

IPA Map 3

11 - Sandy
Adjacent to Mill Laneon the bank opposite the Riddy Nature Reserve. 200 yards of right hand bank downstream of the houses by the mill pool.

12 - Girtford Bridge
Park in the side road near the Little Chef. Fishing is right hand bank downstream for about 150 yards.

13 - Blunham
Turn left to Blunham on the A1. Travel for about a mile into Blunham, parking in the area just before the Salutation PH. The fishing is approx 200 meters between the IPA signs

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