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Poppy Hill - Lake 2

The 2nd Lake is probably 8 acres overall and has plenty of islands and hideaway swims that make you blissfully unaware of any other angler on the lake.

Famous for it's Tench fishing, the lake was a favourite haunt of Dick Walker and his friends during the fifties and sixties. Many words have been written by those on the wonderful fishing to be had. In his book 'IN SEARCH OF BIG FISH' Frank Guttfield writes in his diary of the days spent at 'Black Squirrels' as he called the lake. His first 6 lb Tench came on July 8th 1964 and was witnessed by Mick Day who is still a member. The tench are still caught regularly, best this season is 7lb 10ozs. and in the right conditions, bags of over 100lbs are possible.

Latter years have seen Carp captures increase. The Carp have always been in the lake but it is only in recent years that they have been seriously fished for. Biggest so far is a common of 29lb 14ozs with possibly 25 others in the mid-twenties. Pike were plenty, the best at 30 lb 4ozs but a disease hit them in the late eighties and they are only just recovering, the biggest so far 23lb 6ozs. Like the other lakes on the complex, the second lake is a mixed fishery and we are determined not to make any of the lakes into a one species water. If you like peace and tranquillity, to fish as ' Mr Crabtree ' then this lake is for you.


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