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Poppy Hill - Lake 3

The 3rd Lake is approximately 7 acres and square. The association have access to fish the south and east banks, 4 swims on each bank so there is a lot of water to cover. A relatively young lake in that it was still a field in 1963.

The lake became famous in 1984 by yielding a Mirror Carp of 44 lb 6 ozs which at the time of capture was the second biggest carp ever caught in this country. Most of our club records have come from this lake, including a common of 33lb 4ozs, Bream of 10lb 4ozs, Tench 7lb 14ozs although unofficial reports of fish to 10 1/2 pounds caught by dismissive carp anglers are many. Records also include a Perch of 4lbs 1oz and a 5lb 1oz Eel caught in 1999 . All this gives an insight into the potential of this lake to produce something special no matter what the species.

For those with just a few hours to spare in the evening, the Rudd fishing can be superb and along with the Roach and skimmers you can have a memorable session. Leave the distance fishing to the Carp men, the fish are right under your rod top.


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