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Poppy Hill - Lake 1

Lake 1 is the first lake you come to on your left as you enter the Poppy Hill complex and one of its banks runs parallel to the carp park. It covers an area of approximately 2.8 acres with two islands in the main body of the lake. Depths are fairly consistent across the lake having a relatively flat bottom, depending on how high the water table is you'll normally be fishing in about 6 foot. You'll find a few shallower areas being found down "The Arm" (narrower section) and in the summer you can often see the Carp basking in the sun. The water tends to remain coloured all year round with a greenish tinge.

There are 32 swims in total well spaced around the lake. If your a person who likes to bivvy up for those overnighters then there are some generous sized swims that would suit. If your just after a days pleasure fishing there are plenty of secluded swims for you to while your time away. lastly for the serious match angler who likes to fish on his box from a platform then head for the Norfolk reeds along the car park bank.

Poppy Hill has a mixed fishery policy across all its lakes, however you will find that Lake 1 is more becoming a top match fishery. More recently fish being stocked into this Lake have been predominantly silver fish such as Roach, Rudd and Skimmers. A large head of Bream were stocked at over 5lb back in 2006 and roumors are that there are a few of the original Breams stocks still pressent that go well into double figures, in fact several Bream were stocked in 1999 at around 9lb. Also resident you will find a good head of carp to over 20lb and Lake 1 has also thrown up the club record Tench of 10lb 1oz in 2009.

1998 saw the entire lake drained to reduce the sizes of the islands and increasing the fishing areas. During this period the fish were removed and put into the other lakes around the complex. After the remodelling had finished and the lake filled again we tried to return most of the original stock back into lake 1 but as you can imagine this was no easy task and most of the lakes kept more than they gave back. Since the works there has been a continuous restocking program including over 20,000 Silver fish, thousands of Skimmers, Crucians, and Tench. Over 500 small carp were introduced and more recently some 400 odd Bream all to over 4lb

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