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Poppy Hill - The Canal

The canal as we call it was constructed in 1991 using the canal principal, i.e. far side shelf. The canal is between 13 and 16 metres wide and 2 metres deep at normal levels with a far shelf about 1 metre wide. It is 200 metres long with 26 permanent swims on 1 bank only.

Fish are mainly small mirrors and common carp to 4 pounds but the occasional double turns up. Other species that have been introduced over the years include Crucians (best caught 1998 was one of 2 lb 13 ozs) Roach and Rudd to 1 1/2 pounds, small Tench and Ide. Only 4 inches when they were put in, some of the Ide are now over a pound in weight and fight like fury so we're looking forward to when they reach 5 lb as they will do in time.

500 carp were added in the Autumn of 1999 and a further 1000 added in November together with 1200 Ide. Spring 2000 will see an extra 9000 crucians of various sizes added to give even more sport for the average angler. We aim to please so we are open to helpful suggestions to make your fishing even better.


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