Workparties 2016

Years gone by the months of April and May are when Poppy Hill shuts down to give the site a rest and to allow for essential maintenance to take place and whilst unlike other clubs where workparties are compulsory for all members, LGCAA rely solely on the good will of those kind enough to come along and do thier bit. 

The past few years the committee decided to keep Poppy Hill open for fishing throughout April and May to give its members the most from their annual membership. To make this possible it will be necessary to close certain areas of the site on Sundays this may include a section of the car park, and is for the safety of both members fishing and those helping out with the jobs.

Depending on the amount of volunteers on the day we aim to work in set areas of the site, these areas will be will be posted on the noticeboard, facebook and on the website the week before, so please keep checking back to find out what areas will be affected. Please avoid fishing on the saturday night in an area we intend on working in the following day, or make sure you have vacated your swim of all tackle before 7:30am the Sunday morning at the very latest.

If you do not intend on helping out please be aware that there will be unavoidable disturbance around the site and you must respect any warning notices and cordoned off areas. For safety reasons please do not enter these areas. Due to the possibility of plant machinery moving about on site you may be asked to move.

Workparties 2016

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Work Party Date Area Working In
Sunday 3rd April Lake 1
Sunday 10th April Lake 2 (peg 27 - 32)
Sunday 17th April  Carpark
Sunday 24th April Lake 1 + Canal
Sunday 1st May Lake 1 + Canal
Sunday 8th May

Lake 2

Sunday 15th May

Lake 2

Sunday 22nd May Lake 2
Sunday 29th May Lake 2

For all those who are coming to help out, a big thank you! As always our job list is vast and many hands will make light work. We meet in the car park for a cuppa 8:45 ready to start work at 9:00 am. We would prefer you to be here ready to start a 9am just so that you are here for any safety briefs and are aware of what is going on around the site however you do not have to stay all day so even if you can donate a few hours in the morning it would be most appreciated. Most of the work is light, no more than you would do in your own gardens so there will be a job for everyone. So why not join in with the friendly atmosphere, learn a thing or two about the lakes and generally have a laugh while at the same time giving something back to your association.

Refreshments will be provided and the obligatory bacon rolls will be available around 11 am. We advise you to wear old clothes and some suitable strong footwear. 


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